EINSTEIN MEADOWS: The Unspoken Perils & Thrills of Living in a Retirement Community
Faced with a major loss of services, daring seniors throw caution to the wind and embrace ganjapreneurship
Einstein Meadows: The Unspoken Perils & Thrills of Living in a Retirement Community is a humorous novel about three retired professors who relocate campus culture by developing a neighborhood for their former colleagues. Upon starting their new journeys, the academics bring their old baggage full of intrigue, power grabs, endless backstabbing, insecurity and one-upmanship so prevalent in their prior work settings. 
Einstein Meadows teeters on the cliff of bankruptcy soon after Ned and Nancy arrive. Together they embark on a path to create systemic change to save their foolish investment. First, they encourage their neighbors to grow a vegetable garden, then herbs and ultimately to dispense medical marijuana. Eventually, the crop frees most of the seniors from financial and mental constraints and they enjoy life more. But not before the Elder Blasters shoot it out with bandits who try to steal their weed. The enlightened residents participate in Senior Olympics; create a circus troupe; ride around town in a Woodstock bus; host transgender, gay and lesbian weddings; shed their clothes and create the Einstein Meets Esalen Institute.
Of course, every neighborhood has conflicts and Einstein Meadows has plenty. While pressing for progress, Ned and Nancy cross swords with officious board members Brunnhilde Meeskeit, Leopold Spieber, Filbert der Dorftrottel and Ima Khazzer, who rule over the convoluted committee system and spread quicksand and venom at every step. Dr. Freud whispers commentary about the residents in Ned's ear, while Captain Anonymous places provocative letters in everyone's mailboxes. Sister Pashkudnik and Brother Shaygetz exchange biblical barbs at raucous community meetings and Wild Cowboy Bill demands order by shooting his twin six guns in the air.
Today, less than three years later, there is a waiting list of buyers and no homeowners association dues. How did it happen? Please join us on an amazing journey! If you're contemplating moving into a retirement community, we suggest you read  this book before you sign any contract. If you already live in a retirement community, you decide how closely our fictional story resembles real-life experience.

Lessons Learned While Letting It All Hang Out
Marijuana Leads to Enlightenment!
Stoned & naked seniors discover 10 epiphanies

Einstein Meadows ¿Qué Pasó? Lessons Learned While Letting It All Hang Out is the dynamic and zany sequel to Einstein Meadows: The Unspoken Perils & Thrills of Living in a Retirement Community. With huge profits from the grow, the Einstonians search out creative new investment opportunities. Are you curious?

Well, hop on the neighborhood’s Woodstock bus and join us! You don’t have to be monged, but it may enhance the experience. Travel to Amsterdam with the Stoners and Kinkhounds as they attend the Cannabis Cup and the International Congress of Love and Sex with Robots. Who says seniors can’t get down and funky?

The former academics specialize in beating a dead horse to death and, of course, turning everything into a big megillah. They defy cancel culture and boldly go where no one has gone before. El Sabio, a talking chihuahua, challenges Dr. Freud’s analysis. Ms. Lilith, a demon in disguise, moves in. Ned and Nancy host a medicated Seder; and Judge Solomon delivers blind justice at the Meadows. Two sex robots named Delilah and Scarlett join the original cast of quirky characters. The newly ordained Brunnhilde Meeskeit officiates at Filbert der Dorftrottel’s marriage to Scarlett. Sister Misty Pashkudnik returns with a penis-shaped cigarette lighter. Will she torch the grow again? Please join us for the return romp!